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The visual effects of mold and mildew are ones that can be seen with the naked eye, but the effects of bacteria growth can be equally concerning.  94% of consumers are interested in a paint that offers Microban antimicrobial product protection.  Homeowners are looking for products that help them keep their homes cleaner, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.  The Microban® brand is the most recognized and trusted brand for built-in antimicrobial protection. It promises durable and effective antimicrobial protection to all partnered clients. Your customers will value the added level of cleanliness protection they get from a paint infused with Microban antimicrobial protection. 

Selecting a Test Method

There are a number of laboratory-based test standards available for the determination of antifungal and antibacterial performance of dry paint films. These permit evaluations against standardized microbial challenges under predictable and reproducible conditions. A number of these methods may be specified by designers, architects, or standards organizations. It is important to understand what aspects of antimicrobial performance they are intended to evaluate. 

For example, in an antifungal test method such as ASTM G21, samples are placed horizontally in contact with a nutrient poor salt agar and directly inoculated with a selection of fungal spores. Another ASTM standard, D3273, exposes samples to an airborne selection of fungal spores by vertically suspending them above an inoculated soil bed contained in a warm, humid chamber. 

These tests therefore can express the antifungal attributes of dried coatings and paint films in drastically different ways and coating formulators must, therefore, take care in selecting test standards that are most relevant to their end use application. Microban engineers can help you select the correct test method that best represents your product's performance needs.



Photos simulate the difference between a treated and untreated surface. 

Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection does not protect against microbes which cause human illness, and the addition of Microban built-in protection is not a replacement for normal cleaning practices.

Antimicrobial Support Around the World

At Microban, we have unsurpassed experience in built-in antimicrobial applications utilizing over 25 different organic and inorganic antimicrobial technologies, including our exclusive line of 3G Silvers. Each technology is customized for maximum performance creating a unique and effective solution for every need.    


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